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Look closely around and about you, and you will see beauty in all its forms – go on, just look!

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To Anonymous

A week or so ago, a blogger whose blog I forget now, reviewed his/her books of the week. Amongst those was The Song Of Achilles, by Madeline Miller. I just want to say, thank you for sharing your book list. This particular one is so much fun to read.

The Mighty One

In response to d’Verse’s prompt for Haibun Monday: ‘Eagle’ With one glance up above,the hen scatters away in a frenzy.Naturally, her chicks follow in confusion,aware of the mighty one. With one shadowy movement above,the Towhee scurries away in fear.So, does the hare and ground squirrel,in awe of the one who hovers above.

Beyond the gates of comfort

There is a whole other world out there IF venture is dared. Immense silence, or a mix of sound depending on who is out. It may seem still to some, but to others, a world of constant activity. There is a whole other world out there if venture is dared.

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