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Young and Beautiful

When we are young, youthful, and strong, let’s not forget our old who are weak, and ridden with ache. They too were once young, youthful, and strong and like them, our time of vulnerability will approach. And when it does, do we expect a little kindness? a little grace?

Care for an update?

Dear friends, I am not sure you have noticed yet, but I have been away for a little while now. Nothing has changed my end since I was last with you, well except, I have been really busy with school: extensive readings, assignments, and exams. As you may all know, the US., has already hadContinue reading “Care for an update?”

A Tale of Life

Sadje’s challenge: Every wrinkle is a valley traveled, and a river gracefully crossed. With gentle eyes and a warm smile, she beckons; she has loved and she has cried, — offering what she has, she heeds us. She has earned her place, and is at peace with herself and with the world.

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