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The Day of Judgement

I am currently reading “Go Tell It On The Mountain” by James Baldwin. In my opinion, he is perhaps one of the greatest American writers of the last century, but I digress. Anyway, reading this semi-autobiography got my thoughts running wild on a number of topics. So far, the thought that sticks is that eachContinue reading “The Day of Judgement”

Summer Heat

Current temperatures in Southern California go as high as 90 Degrees Fahrenheit, but that’s nothing! Thanks to a nice cup of coffee and a twenty-five minute yoga session on YouTube, I almost look forward to the day. Today was my eleventh day of “yoga with Adriene,” a YouTube sensation whose channel has made working outContinue reading “Summer Heat”

Wind chimes

It’s a hot day here, a typical summer day in southern Cali.My laundry hangs in the backyard as I braid my hair in the cool hot breeze that sweeps over me.On the right side of the wooden fence, a neighbor’s wind chimes plays a tune and all around me, the sirens sound.My thoughts are aContinue reading “Wind chimes”

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