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In response to Eugi’s “home sweet home” prompt

All grown, all traveled; New experiences, new customs; Thousands of miles away, and still, The child beckons; The sun watches, the moon awaits; The trees whisper, the wind searches; Innocent laughter, distant calls, A mother’s gentle face. Msdedeng

Bring on the political campaigns

Unlike the current political campaigns in America that seem a little ruthless, Uganda’s political campaigns are the opposite. Although slightly exhausting for those involved, (lots of drinking, dancing to loud music till dawn, and plenty of squabbles) it is nothing as draining as the campaigns I am witnessing here; campaigns that seem so personal theyContinue reading “Bring on the political campaigns”


Falling, drowning; The struggle, the feel of defeat. The load weighs down on me, But I keep afloat, summoning my strength. I call on to the spirit of one who’s left, Barely keeping up with the current, No time for tears, A whisper; Breathe, breathe, breathe. Msdedeng

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