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Look closely around and about you, and you will see beauty in all its forms – go on, just look!

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You and you and you

And from this EarthYou will sproutYou will growAnd you will love. Nothing is ever yours to claimBut to tendTo enjoyTo share. To you,The Sun, the Moon, the Stars.To you,The Rain. Winter, Summer, Spring,And FallAll yours! Flowers and birds,Mountains and seas,For you and you and you. Today is yoursTomorrow is not promised.May you find loveAndMay youContinue reading “You and you and you”

Never enough!

Notice how the moment you check your to-do list, whether it is items bought or stuff taken care of, almost immediately something else comes up. The same is true of problems. The moment one is solved, another, almost always shows up. In other words, we always seem to want something more. What the heck isContinue reading “Never enough!”

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