Liebster Blogger Award

Thank you Hannah Gandhi for including thededengblog in your impressive list of nominees for the Liebster Blogger Award. I am sorry you had to wait quite a bit till I got the chance to answer your questions. I am humbled you considered my blog worthy of a nomination, especially compared to what you do on illustratedbyHannah. Your visuals are insane and I advise my friends on here to check you out!

I will go straight to answering your questions:

  1. What inspired you to write a blog?

For the longest time, an English friend of mine suggested several times I write my family’s story going back to my ancestors if I could. The thought lingered on my mind for years but when COVID-19 brought everything to a standstill, I decided, why not? I reached out to yet another friend (also based in England) and asked how I could start a blog and when he recommended WordPress, I immediately on got on board.

2. What are your favorite hobbies/pastimes?

I think my all-time favorite thing to do is walk. I can walk for hours and let my mind wonder away.

Reading is always a pleasure! Enriches the mind, provokes thoughts and emotions, and nourishes the spirit. Reading is truly an experience!

I got into bird-watching six years ago and it’s wonderful. It makes me realize that we are just another species among many others on the same planet.

Biking is both fan and a stress reliever.

I have been enjoying the calm yoga brings me, but it also strengthens my body which is a bonus.

3. State your favorite quote or a book that changed your life?

Whoo, tough one! I will have to think about this one because there are so many to choose from, but I have been reading a lot of Maya Angelou’s books lately. She did live a rich life, I mean all of it.

4. If you could choose one food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Now this is just unfair. Beans and avocado?

5. What is your definition of success?

Hmm, a good relationship with my family and friends, good health, and financial freedom so I can travel the world with loved ones.

6. What is your biggest fear?

Losing a parent.

7. What have you learned during this pandemic?

Many things actually, but the most important one confirmed what I have always known, that the world is inter-connected and we all impact one another in some way. I also learned just how mindbogglingly clueless some of our politicians are.

8. If you won the lottery, what would you spend that money on?

Aye, this is a classic! I would travel most of the world with my family and friends, and give huge chunks of money to a children’s charity, or better yet, start one myself.

9. What places are on your travel bucket list?



Papua New Guinea


Tonga. See where I am going with this? I love islands: the peace, the rawness, the friendly people, and the pristine beauty.

10. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

This one is probably the easiest question of them all – Italy!

And now I nominate the following bloggers whose blogs have taught me new interesting things, whose jokes have made me laugh, and whose pictures I have enjoyed so much. I believe everyone brings something to this platform that makes the experience worthwhile, but unfortunately, I can only nominate a few bloggers today. Most on this list have probably won the above award already and if that’s the case, please kindly ignore this list.

  • Muntazir
  • Farn@frankiesoup
  • Skowron Pisze
  • Myriade@que7interesante
  • GG@gettygwenzi
  • TebogoPrecious@tobegopreciousmoholwa
  • Mounzer@monzir89
  • Margaret@smilingcoast
  • Footprints@miyendo
  • Gottfried – Banter Republic
  • Comfort@qooqing

My questions for you are as follows:

  1. Where do you find the inspiration to keep writing/blogging?
  2. How do you make the time to blog on top of everything else that needs your attention?
  3. What is the first thing you plan to do in the aftermath of COVID-19?

I appreciate you for taking the time to read this and please nominate your choice of bloggers. Thank you!

Published by Msdedeng

At 41, I am still figuring out life: my place in society, my career path, a family of my own, any many others things. Heck, I am still trying to make friends in California; a place I moved to 3 years ago. I am currently in a Community College to make up for the many years I missed school while in Africa (Uganda). I intend to transfer to university next year and double major in History and English. I lead a very ordinary life; a normal day is spent doing school assignments, hiking, or reading. My favorite thing to do is walk! Short walks or long walks it does not matter. Walking allows me to think about things - anything! My love of walking comes from where I grew up, a small village in northeastern Uganda. It is still one of the most remotest areas I will ever know, and couldn't even start comparing what life is like there to say a place like California. Walking was all I did while growing up! I walked for miles to school, to church, to the shops, to the borehole to fetch water, and to the market. It was quite an adventure unlike any other - so you now understand my love for walking.

71 thoughts on “Liebster Blogger Award

  1. I honestly am so glad that I nominated you, you truly deserve the award! 💕 Thank you for the kind words about my blog, I am touched. I loved reading your answers to my questions and getting to know you. Like you, I too considered blogging and it was Covid that finally gave me that push! Always good to make the most of a bad situation 😊🌺 I hope that you have a wonderful day and continuing writing beautiful blogs 💗

    Liked by 2 people

  2. congrats, nice to read more about you! Like the idea of island hopping 🙂

    I wouldn’t say I was inspired to blog/write … I just can’t stop it! It simply flows from me and I pray it will benefit someone in some way ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you Kate.
      You are lucky to have the ideas just flow, sometimes I am totally dry of ideas to write about. Good to know some people just have it in them, and yes, your posts benefit me in many, many ways. Please keep Writing 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. maybe you are trying too hard 🙂

        Once your studies and other life matters are prioritised then just write the stories you have been about friends and family, or about things that touch you or … we are only limited by our imaginations 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

  3. Congratulations! Your hobbies sound delightful and very relaxing. It makes me want to hang out with you and have a wonderful time! If you love islands, I hope you visit The Philippines at home. It has lots to offer and I am sure you will fall in love with it, too.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I may be off base on this, but I believe you answer a lot of questions… As a (mere) suggestion, you may want to try Spillwords. They’re pretty open to submissions. I personally think being published is more attune to a writer’s needs. Best wishes.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Abe Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” It’s about the preparedness. Sharpen your skills first. The rest will fall into place!

        Liked by 1 person

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