In response to Eugi’s “home sweet home” prompt

Kaabong, Uganda

All grown, all traveled;

New experiences, new customs;

Thousands of miles away, and still,

The child beckons;

The sun watches, the moon awaits;

The trees whisper, the wind searches;

Innocent laughter, distant calls,

A mother’s gentle face.


Published by Msdedeng

Most importantly, I am a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I am also a student who still has lots to learn.

77 thoughts on “In response to Eugi’s “home sweet home” prompt

  1. Right, because you leave so much you know of back, and go into the unknown, but I think anyone is capable of doing it though.
    I love your blog and look forward to more. Thank you for the follow too πŸ™‚

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  2. It takes so much courage to make such a huge move, not only from another country but into a completely different culture and lifestyle. I admire you for this. I love to walk, too.

    Thanks for following my blog and introducing me to yours!

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  3. Dear Msdeng, that is a wonderful poem.
    It’s full of emotion, empathy, and creativity. It shows your sensitivity, your compassion and your deep thoughts.
    We humans are always on the move. We look for new things, experience different things, acquire knowledge, explore, learn and practice. But we should never forget the child in us and never our mother.
    Greetings from the beautiful Rhine-Highlands / Germany …
    🌺 πŸ™‚

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  4. Before I reply this, let me just tell you how relieved I am to see your comment come in after I have this second been on your blog trying to search for a comment I posted that assumed you were in the South Pacific; seriously, I am sorry Keith to have come across as rude. And now to what’s on hand …

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  5. Beautiful, Angela. The picture you chose to accompany is stunning, and is all the more extraordinary when considering it’s the view from home. No matter where “home” is currently, it always will be “home” in your heart.

    Your words stir the soul, as they express, lyrically, a profound yearning perhaps the well-traveled feel most keenly.

    Whispers, laughter and a mother’s face all make the miles and the years dissolve. No matter where Life takes us, those memories, places and feelings are our constant companions.

    Thanks much for the reassurance, Angela.

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  6. Aww, Margaret, thank you for sharing a glimpse into who she was when it came to family. Tullyhassen really meant that much to her, but it’s what home truly is. May she be at peace.

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  7. You’re welcome Msdedeng. This post reminds me of mum r.i.p who came over from Ireland with my father to England in 1954 the year before I was born.
    As a family we always visited my mum’s homestead Tullyhassen, Pettigo, Co Donegal every year in September. My father’s parents were dead with just two siblings living in Ireland and the rest around Boston, Massachusetts U.S.A.
    Mum r.i.p always used to say I will always visit while Daddy is alive and she kept her promise. Mum continued to visit my aunt & uncle in the homestead and in later years my uncle in his bungalow in the town.
    Mum could never visit the homestead after my uncle moved out or after he passed away.
    About the week before my mum’s three week hospitalisation before her death she said β€˜take me to Tullyhassen’. Mum had visited Ireland until nearly the end and once she was unable to do so marked the beginning of her decline. 😒

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