A magical finale

to an otherwise trying year.

My brother-in-law, Tom, took this picture two days ago

To those of you who pushed, strained, and persisted this year, – congratulations!

To those of you who made somebody else’s life a little better than previous, – bless you!

For those of you who lost someone dear this year, – may you find comfort in knowing that your loved one is finally rested in eternal peace.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, to those of us who got yet another chance at life, – A Happy New Year to you. And may you

Live, Learn, Love!

Published by Msdedeng

At 41, I am still figuring out life: my place in society, my career path, a family of my own, any many others things. Heck, I am still trying to make friends in California; a place I moved to 3 years ago. I am currently in a Community College to make up for the many years I missed school while in Africa (Uganda). I intend to transfer to university next year and double major in History and English. I lead a very ordinary life; a normal day is spent doing school assignments, hiking, or reading. My favorite thing to do is walk! Short walks or long walks it does not matter. Walking allows me to think about things - anything! My love of walking comes from where I grew up, a small village in northeastern Uganda. It is still one of the most remotest areas I will ever know, and couldn't even start comparing what life is like there to say a place like California. Walking was all I did while growing up! I walked for miles to school, to church, to the shops, to the borehole to fetch water, and to the market. It was quite an adventure unlike any other - so you now understand my love for walking.

71 thoughts on “A magical finale

  1. I believe that there is beauty everywhere, if we look. Thank you for sharing your experience of California, and please enjoy all the sunsets in your new home 🙂


  2. In May of 2020 we moved from southern Ca to northern Mn…a drastic change but one we know for sure was needed. I love Ca weather, love the mountains all around. I will learn to love Mn as we seek it’s beauty. The sunsets are awesome because of the northern lights. Snow is beautiful to when looking through the windows of our little place our daughter and husband made for us. Lovely post.

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  3. Thank you so much. I hope you have a better one this time around, but you cannot go wrong with the outdoors and photography. I look forward to your pictures. I mean it!!

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  4. Thank you for your wishes, because the year was not easy, with covid in the background.
    For you, I am sending you a lot of happiness, joy and love.

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  5. Nice, Angela; same to you. Good cheer sent to you from 2021.

    Oh, and please send Tom my compliments – that’s a spectacular photo. The framing is amazing – the moon rising above snow-capped mountains, with palm trees silhouetted beneath. Just, wowzer!

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