The Mighty One

My mum’s chickens at home in Kaabong, Uganda

In response to d’Verse’s prompt for Haibun Monday: ‘Eagle’

With one glance up above,
the hen scatters away in a frenzy.
Naturally, her chicks follow in confusion,
aware of the mighty one.

With one shadowy movement above,
the Towhee scurries away in fear.
So, does the hare and ground squirrel,
in awe of the one who hovers above.

Published by Msdedeng

Most importantly, I am a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I am also a student who still has lots to learn.

89 thoughts on “The Mighty One

  1. I have been staying completely away from news. Not really a clue what’s happening now lol

    I have been too busy!

    What’s going on with second amendment? Isn’t that always an issue? The right to bear arms. What is happening now…

    Do I want to know?


  2. oops that response was to your previous comment … my mistake, see we can all make them 🙂

    No criteria and no pressure to respond to all the prompts, engage as it suits you and responding to prompts gets you involved with other WP people and many blogging on other sites too 🙂

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  3. I also realize d’Verse is a serious group of poets and writers. Does one have to be part of the group in order to participate, or is it open to anyone interested in a specific prompt? I only checked them out after writing the prompt, so not very sure of the criteria.

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  4. totally awesome poem and pic Angela, you nailed it! Love the predator being an eerie shadow from above and the prey scattering literally for their lives … I think I like this best of all our responses … mighty well done!

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  5. Crazy how the word eagle is not in the poem but it’s everywhere in its beauty and chaos haha

    I love the image and was going to ask about it but busy body me peeped at comments 🤣

    Anyway, I host this poetry session Wednesdays on Twitter with the hashtag #AbWPE (I think you can even Google it has!) and would love to use this image as a prompt in a future session if thats it’s ok.. 😅

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  6. Hahaha well I don’t really shoot except maybe with a camera?

    I meant accompany the chihuahua to the bathroom 😄😄✌️ I didn’t want them taking my fur babies lol

    I would be beside myself! 😮

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  7. This is awesome just!
    My mum rears chickens back home in Uganda. However, a hen that hatched 10-12 chicks might end up with only one, or two if lucky, because kites help themselves to the chicks. Very sneaky things, takes everyone unawares!


  8. OK, I had to look it up, and wow, it’s huge! I doubt I have seen one of these before, but I am not surprised because they are only native to Australia and New Guinea. Oh, this one would definitely take a chihuahua, –easily too, but a kangaroo? wow!


  9. Thank you, Trisha. Could they really take a chihuahua? but on second thought, vultures, hawks, and eagles are bold predators.
    So when you say you “take them out,” do you mean shoot the bird, or accompany your chihuahuas whenever outside? lol

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  10. Ahhh the one who swoops and the ones who scatter…Here in my yard I feed birds..and that draws attention to hawks and laughing falcons we have in this area too..All birds know that a big shadow passing over them is a sign to fly and hide.It’s amazing how they scatter as one, when a falcon is circling!! This poem captured this “dance” of Nature succinctly and very visually.

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  11. Very beautiful!!

    I don’t have Eagles 🦅 around , but I do have vultures and hawks …

    I have chihuahuas lol 😘✌️ I grew up with them … all from the pound ❤️

    But I always was afraid one would swoop down and steal my fur babies lol

    So I always take them out lol

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  12. You should see my face; I have a clownish face on due to this lovely comment. Notice the word “mighty?” After writing this, I went over to your website to look for the latest post, and wallah!
    My husband took this picture in my village, while we were visiting my home.
    Thank you so much for your never ending compliments. Your well of words and expressions must be bottomless. 🙂


  13. Exquisite, Angela. You describe nature’s minuet, its complimentary ebbs and flows, with grace, style and efficiency.

    Is the photo yours too? If not, my compliments still for the choice and if it is, my compliments too, for your artistry with both the lens and the pen.

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  14. Cheryl, your comment is highly appreciated. I just had to take part in this prompt, and kindly argue you to follow suit. I know you would do wonders with such a subject, being such an outdoor person. Please do it!! 🙂

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