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A week or so ago, a blogger whose blog I forget now, reviewed his/her books of the week. Amongst those was The Song Of Achilles, by Madeline Miller. I just want to say, thank you for sharing your book list. This particular one is so much fun to read.

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At 41, I am still figuring out life: my place in society, my career path, a family of my own, any many others things. Heck, I am still trying to make friends in California; a place I moved to 3 years ago. I am currently in a Community College to make up for the many years I missed school while in Africa (Uganda). I intend to transfer to university next year and double major in History and English. I lead a very ordinary life; a normal day is spent doing school assignments, hiking, or reading. My favorite thing to do is walk! Short walks or long walks it does not matter. Walking allows me to think about things - anything! My love of walking comes from where I grew up, a small village in northeastern Uganda. It is still one of the most remotest areas I will ever know, and couldn't even start comparing what life is like there to say a place like California. Walking was all I did while growing up! I walked for miles to school, to church, to the shops, to the borehole to fetch water, and to the market. It was quite an adventure unlike any other - so you now understand my love for walking.

17 thoughts on “To Anonymous

  1. Angela, I love reading book tips very much. There are always some book titles that interest me and make me curious. I write them down in my notebook. If I want to buy a new book or look for a gift i have good tips.
    I wish you all the best, Angela 🍀🍀
    Rosie from Germany

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  2. Thank you for your kind words, Lia. I 100% recommend this book, you will absolutely love it. I have ordered her latest book called “Circe.” It is about the witch Circe and Odysseys’ men, and I cannot wait to read it.

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  3. Ah jeez! I am doing all the things you ve’ listed, well, except for the farmer’s market which I miss going to every Saturdays. This is why you should have stuck around in California, Keith. But yet again, you are better off, because you get to experience different activities during different seasons. Hang in there and enjoy some reading. This particular book is the kind you don’t want to put down, and especially if you are into Greek mythology. Real cool stuff!

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  4. Good recommendation, Angela. Now you’ve lit my curiosity.

    Good time for it, too, as the holidays are past, and it looks like winter just might stick around forever.

    A couple months from now, forget it. I’ll be outside, along with the sunshine, blossoms and optimistic gardens. Oh, and the year’s first farmers; markets too.

    Until then, though, I’ll be turning pages. Thanks for that, Angela!

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  5. ❤ I will add that one to my list too!

    I'm currently reading 'I know Why the Caged Bird Sings' on your recommendation and it's AMAZING.

    Thank you for that! ❤

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