1,196 …

Destiny! the gods proclaim! Consequence, I argue.
Paris’ lust, Agamemnon’s greed, Achilles’ rage!
Woman! you say. Oh, I will listen.
Hellen, Briseis, Chryseis, –

And now many lay waste to war,
but you gentle-friend, Patroclus son of Menoetius,
you, I mourn for.
Aching for your Argive friends pinned by the beaked ships,
for them you gave your life.

Shame on you Agamemnon! Shame on you Achilles!
Sweet Hector was it? war lusting Hector more like.
Ruthless son of Priam vies for glory, but not so fast!
First, was Euphorbus’ spear, then Apollo, god of the silver bow.
Hector, in Third place you ranked!

Behind the strife, the rage, the slaughter,
is a Menoetius, a Priam, a Peleus,
weighed down with old age, torn by gutting grief.
Behind reckless pride, boasts, revenge
is a Philomela, a Thetis, a Hecuba,
forever scarred, forever wrenched in grief!

So goes the story of Troy, the story of war!
Like a double-edged sword that strikes the good and the bad,
so is hateful war.
Like the warm sun that shines on all mortals alike,
so is glutting war.
Like the green earth that feeds us all,
so is loathful war that makes enemies of men.


Published by Msdedeng

Most importantly, I am a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I am also a student who still has lots to learn.

46 thoughts on “1,196 …

  1. O wow, just seen this. Yep, can deduce your reaction to the Song of Achilles. Yeah, it was quite frustrating. Pointless war I would say and more pointless was
    never getting to see Achilles become this great warrior we’d envisioned. I’d imagined I’d see him in more battles or something.


  2. History and the present are important life lessons of how we wish our stories and those around us to end….war or peace, love or hate, misery or prosperity, sadness or joy. People tend to only think only of self not realizing everyone and everything are connected. Collective effort to be better is needed for sustainable joy and good life to last longer. Thanks 🙏

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  3. I don’t understand why people have to fight wars, the excuse is not important. It could be a woman, the murder of a prince in Sarajevo, etc. Men will always find that moment to fight, that’s right.



  4. I admire your dedication to your reading …. this poem echoes it faithfully!

    But still we haven’t learnt, still we wage wars to fill the WMD pockets with no regard for life … when will it stop!

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  5. So beautifully and skillfully rendered. And what is war? And what it’s image of it? And how exactly do we begin to end it! These questions percolate whenever I am peaceful. And your last stanza is just so very intelligent. It says it all. Wow. 🙏🙌🔆❤︎🌻

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