I confess!

Tall – medium – short
All the same beautiful.
Brawny, husky, sturdy
An opposite,
But nonetheless beautiful.
If you think she lovely,
Wait till you meet Adam.


Published by Msdedeng

Most importantly, I am a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I am also a student who still has lots to learn.

81 thoughts on “I confess!

  1. Refreshing! There’s beauty in everything and everyone. And it’s both objective and subjective to some extent. But men and women both have there beautiful sides. Opposites but in so many ways the same as well.

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  2. Totally agree. Beautiful is all Sexes, all forms, colors, the whole, the imperfections, the good and bad. Beautiful is seeing and appreciating the uniqueness of every person. Wonderful post. 🙏

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  3. Haha yes I am 13! Does that change the your opinion towards me?
    Ohhh! Yes! You are completely right. During this women empowerment we have forgotten that men have rights too

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  4. 13! What the heck are you doing on here? Lol. You are absolutely right though, 13 is kinda too young to understand this. Simply put, I mean that a man is equally as beautiful as a woman is. Hopefully this makes sense. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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  5. Definitely not alone there! 😅👯‍♂️😍 Though admittedly there is more chemistry with some than others. :)) For each, a favourite melody… or a few, maybe…. :)) 🎶 And not many like to admit it, but pretty sure it’s the same for every body.

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  6. many, myself included, enjoy the ‘beauty’ of men but we tend to say handsome or good physique rather than ‘beautiful’ which tends to be a more feminine word. One friend showed me a photo of her partner and I remarked that he’s very pretty … not what I expected. He looks more feminine than masculine but then most men prefer skinny androgynous looking women. Curves are seldom required …

    it’s a very personal perception 🙂

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  7. Actually, I have always about sculptures, paintings, and literary works. A woman’s beauty is a perceived as something of wonder, true, but change the lens and the same is true about a a man’s beauty. Maybe it’s just me?

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  8. wonder if it’s a kick back from the #metoo movement and other reports that are skyrocketing about abusive men … women need more confidence to demand better lives, equality, etc

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  9. Kate, am I the only one who thinks a man is beautiful? all you hear is how beautiful a woman is, but for a long time now, I have been thinking how beautiful a man truly is. Just my musings I guess.

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