Never enough!

Notice how the moment you check your to-do list, whether it is items bought or stuff taken care of, almost immediately something else comes up. The same is true of problems. The moment one is solved, another, almost always shows up. In other words, we always seem to want something more. What the heck is this mentality? How many people can sincerely say that they are content with either what they have or where they are in life? When can we truly say it is enough? Why do we ALWAYS want? I am contemplating meditation but whenever I try to meditate, my mind wonders away wanting anything but meditation. Yoga is good because at least I am focused on the pain or discomfort my body is feeling. Plank is even better because my mind is focused on the pain and suffering my body experiences. There has to be another way of staying focused in the moment. I want to be in a state where I am fully in the present moment. I don’t want to spend my time evaluating, regretting, or cherishing the past, something I could never change or relive. I also don’t want to be busy guessing the future. I just want to be. So, if anyone has any suggestions of how they stay calm amidst the problems, the chaos, and the challenges or if they have found contentment, please do not hesitate to share your tips. Thank you in advance!

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Most importantly, I am a daughter, a wife, and a friend. I am also a student who still has lots to learn.

62 thoughts on “Never enough!

  1. What a generous comment, thank you so much. I like the path you and husband have chosen to take. I think time comes in life when we need to make choices that give us peace and satisfaction, and my time has definitely come to question what is important and what’s not. Thank you for a lovely comment, and for sharing your experience with myself and others.

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  2. I’m happy with what I have. 🙂 I made the decision to put lifestyle ahead of career about 15 years ago and I’ve largely stuck to that. I’ve worked part time for many years now, and so does my husband. Between us we have enough to be comfortable – we don’t have new or expensive stuff, but we have time. Well, we would have time if we didn’t have 3 kids. I think wanting a lot of things you don’t need is a path to unhappiness. Unless they’re small things that you can afford and that bring you happiness – I buy a lot of seeds online. 😀 I think once you make a decision, make it the right one by acting in accordance with it. And plant lots of seeds. I think gardening is the best meditation, because you have something to show for it, and you’re making the world a bit greener.
    I hope you find your happiness Angela. ❤

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  3. Well for me it’s different??

    I was forced to let go and be at life’s mercy…

    Before… I handled and did everything for everyone. And then I had 3 family members die within a month of each other… and getting my mom into a care facility – and then fricken cancer omg

    Anyway… there is a point to that… the doctor kept saying to me … you have to let go – you need to fight this… you can not do both

    So what I heard was a challenge oh yeah … well I am Wonder Woman … I can do it all lol 🙌

    Well that was not the case 🤨

    I fricken tried with all my might to keep up with everything. But nope. It was too much – I exhausted myself and finally just accepted defeat and let go to the mercy of life.

    I never really came back from that… I let go and then lived that way for a few years while battling that … so I have just been subdued by life? In the way that I take it by the moments…

    The bad does not totally derail me?? But I am scared about losing my mom. Just because is sad – it will hit me hard no matter what I do. You will have those things in life… reality is you must accept.

    But … I do love and cherish life and I would say I am currently content in my moments … I am alive ❤️ I was given more time ❤️

    Always remember to be happy and love life – live your best life …is the best tip I can give you 😘 you have to know what that is for yourself

    Other small things … I stay away from things like news lol … it’s just always bad stuff – I can’t

    Also… I do not like social media things lol … only WordPress is ok for me.

    I just feel social media has influence on mental well being. I do not like social media generally – like I said only WordPress

    I find without social media you are more free to think for yourself.. there is no drama – it’s just peaceful and calm … no background chatter in your mind about things.

    Anyway- that is how I handle life.

    You have to find yourself- I know that sounds weird sorry. But know yourself, so you understand the things you need.

    Be realistic and also reasonable on yourself

    Don’t try to be Wonder Woman … but …I do say that to you …and still try to do that myself … so ya know … I share tidbits, and you decide what’s best for you ✌️

    It is good to have peace too

    Is that what you asking for? Life tips to help make life not so crazy? Lol

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  4. What you say is absolutely true. I have attempted meditation several times now, because I failed to stay focus each time. If my mind could only stay focused for even a minute! 😦

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  5. it helps well but takes a lot, a lot of persistent effort; firstly to deal with the ‘rubbish’ that arises; then to persist on a daily basis … our habits are very ingrained 🙂
    Good luck precious!

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  6. Kate, I know that you and I have talked a little about meditation and how it is your go-to place for sanity, etc. I am slowly working on being mindful too, and focusing on the moment and what matters. Thank you.

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  7. I am incredibly grateful for all that I have, I feel blessed and bliss … meditation is my tonic but it isn’t easy to establish a regular habit or work through the initial ‘rubbish’ that erupts when you start to tame your mind.

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  8. You’re right, problems will always be there, so it’s no use going back to the past and dwelling on. You have to enjoy what you have and every day, because life is short.

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  9. Yep! I think capitalism has got something to do with it too. It is built on profit, profit, and more profit. Propaganda and marketing says “you need this”, think this way,” etc. I truly think it’s a combination of many factors, but I could be wrong. It’s like this tireless machine is feeding us with selected information constantly. We are being thought for. Ok, now I sound paranoid and a conspirator, lol.

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  10. I think you are right to some extent, even to a large extent. But, I don’t remember having this problem growing up in the village, till my mid twenties. What was always urgent was the next meal; not clothes, makeup, car, or a bigger house; just food and relationships with neighbors. Fast forward to my “modern” self and oh boy! Thank you for your comment.

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  11. Is that your chosen setting, or is it a WP thing? Makes sense though. The Philippines looks like a gorgeous country. Some aspects of it reminds me of my tropical country, just lush, but I wish we understood the disadvantages of using plastics and tried to avoid using much of it. It is a disaster on the environment and the beautiful scenery, let alone our health. It bags me that it is the cheapest option available, although detrimental to our environment. 😦


  12. Yes. Meditation when combined with Yoga will be kind off a fast relief for you.
    Try whatever you think you are comfortable with. Always let the thing come to you.
    Be safe you too !

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  13. Yes, because it is normal to go up-down with anything, especially with meditation. Nobody can expect us to focus on the breath 100%. It is more like focus and refocus and even welcoming the frustration or any emotion that arises. When we recognize these things, they tend to disappear.

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  14. Hey, I enjoyed your post on plastic and shared my method of avoiding plastics, but my comment does not post. Wonder why? And I think for the same reason, I can’t like the post 😦


  15. This is great, thank you. So rather than try very hard to ignore the distracting thought, you are saying I should acknowledge it and then come back to the main focus? Do you know how helpful this information is? Thank you so much M&M. 🙂


  16. Thank you, Kritika. I am truly finding that out, that yoga takes motivation, and meditation especially takes time to master, if ever. But most feedback swear by meditation, so it is worth a try. Be safe now!

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  17. That’s a wonderful system that I can see myself doing. The idea of a beautiful landscape to look at every time you open a new window is brilliant. Thank you for sharing what works for you. I am definitely going to concentrate on the more important things daily, as I cross them out. Bravo!

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  18. My to-do-list is included im my browser. Whenever I open a new window, it shows a beautiful landscape and at the side my to do list. I can also choose a main focus for every day. That way I will always get reminded what to do, but it’s not stressing me. I can do itt by the way… Whenever I’m sitted on my computer. So: take it easy!

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  19. I’m saving this post to come back and get tips from people round the world.
    I appreciate you for stepping out and talking about this as most of us ignore the condition. I hope you find necessary insights to get rid out the frustration and chaos.
    Stay motivated! Lots of love ❤️

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  20. I hear you. It can be frustrating. Not sure if I am in a position to share tips but I want to help in a small way. The mind wandering during meditation is normal. Just bring it back to the breath when you notice it took off and repeat. The simplest way to enter a meditative state is just focus on what you are doing. Notice all the details and allow yourself to get lost in the activity. Of course, it is normal that the mind gets distracted. Again, just bring it back when you notice.

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  21. You’re most welcome, Angela. Yes, indeed, our minds are like that, scurrying from here to there all the time. Indeed, that’s just it, persistence and patience. Awesomeness. Thank you, my friend. Wellness and safety to you too. ❤️


  22. Keith, you are absolutely right. It is like life itself, or time, always on the move and never static. Like you state, it is progress in a way, we encounter different challenges whenever we reach a different station. I appreciate friends like you who graciously give, give, and give. I appreciate you!

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  23. Definitely a persistent challenge, Angela. Much easier to offer advice when it’s someone else, of course. When describing ourselves, though, it’s impossible to get the separation necessary to find a solution. Naturally.

    That’s where friends, family, etc. come in. We offer the “10,000-foot view,” and ask only that you do the same for us in turn.

    Cast your mind back a year. How many of the problems confronting you then still endure today? Some of them, certainly, though hardly all of them. Likewise, at this point in 2022, is it so implausible to suggest you will have found a solution? Exactly.

    Plus, constant “problems” are sure evidence we’re moving and are making progress. Our situation has yet to catch up with our aspirations. It will. Then, you know what? There will be new “problems” as our dreams grow.

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  24. My goodness woman! You are absolutely wonderful. First of all, I agree with your notion that if we are creators, we are equally destroyers. I love that. Those words have so much power in them that I feel so empowered to face my challenge. And yes, a problem is a problem regardless of beauty. I love you ma’am, please keep with the stories. Thank you again!

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  25. Awesome Jeff. You describe what I have been frustrated with, which is that the mind is not able to concentrate on meditation. I am glad you mention persistence and before long, I may just start to focus on my meditation. Thank you for sharing this helpful tip, it should make a huge difference as I try mediation again. Be safe, be happy my dear friend.

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  26. My goodness, Katelon, thank you so much for an amazing, all in response. I had no idea that there were different kinds of meditation. I really love your second paragraph. It is something I can see myself doing and enjoying, will definitely try and practice. You are an amazing woman, thank you for always giving.

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  27. Thanks for sharing your vulnerability. I have done various kinds of meditation over the years. I started with TM, which gave us a mantra to use. Then I learned Silva Mind Control which had you “see” a 3 three times, then a 2 three times, then a 1, etc. then count down to 25 going down to a place you create for healing work. I tried just watching my thoughts and letting them go. The only meditations I got really carried away in were Rajneesh meditations where you did one activity for 15 min., then another, then another and finally, after all the physical exercise was released, then you went into quiet for 15 min. I have also enjoyed listening to guided meditations. I enjoy dancing and can be in the moment in it, or playing music and singing or chanting, alone or with others. So as far as finding a method of what works for you, I’d recommend trying various techniques. Not just one method is THE method.

    You can take anything and turn it into a NOW exercise…..eating and really tasting the taste, feeling the texture, feeling the process of chewing and swallowing…..going for a walk and looking for all that is a certain color, then listening for sounds, then feeling the breeze, your clothes against your body, your heartbeat.

    Kala H. Kos, a spiritual teacher, has a stop and drop exercise…of just dropping into whatever it is you are feeling. When you are feeling the chaos or angst…..dropping into your body and feeling it….texture, where it lands in your body, hot or cold, hard or soft, wispy or sharp, etc.

    For me…when I can move from my head into my heart or just below that, it is easier to be in the moment and just be with whatever is going on.

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  28. I get your anguish Angela. We are by nature like that wanting more! I think sticking to meditation will help as Jeff pointed out. It takes practice.

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  29. Such a thoughtful and vulnerable post, Angela. I appreciate you for writing it just as it occurs; and, it occurs for us similarly. I began meditation about 3.5 years ago, and, at first, the mind wandered a lot, lot, lot, and yet, 3 minutes turned into 5, which turned into 10, and so on to today. My level of calmness is much enhanced today, as is my clarity, and ability to be present. It is difficult though, and takes time. I see someone, a life coach schooled in meditation, once a week, and have been for 4 years. Transformational. Best of luck, my dear friend!! 🙏❤️

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  30. Somos nós que criamos os problemas e se somos nós que os criamos, cabe a nós destruí-los.
    Vou contar uma história e espero que sirva de lição, querida Angela.
    E te envio um abraço caloroso com pensamentos positivos para ti.

    Certo dia, num mosteiro zen-budista, com a morte do guardião, foi preciso
    encontrar um substituto. O grande Mestre convocou, então, todos os
    discípulos para descobrir quem seria o novo sentinela.

    O Mestre, com muita tranquilidade, falou: – Assumirá o posto o monge que
    conseguir resolver primeiro o problema que eu vou apresentar. Então ele
    colocou uma mesinha magnífica no centro da enorme sala em que estavam
    reunidos e, em cima dela, pôs um vaso de porcelana muito raro, com uma rosa
    amarela de extraordinária beleza a enfeitá-lo. E disse apenas: – Aqui está o

    Todos ficaram olhando a cena: o vaso belíssimo, de valor inestimável, com a
    maravilhosa flor ao centro! O que representaria? O que fazer?

    Qual o enigma? Nesse instante, um dos discípulos sacou a espada, olhou o
    Mestre, os companheiros, dirigiu-se ao centro da sala e …ZAPT!… destruiu
    tudo, com um só golpe.

    Tão logo o discípulo retornou a seu lugar, o Mestre disse:
    – Você é o novo Guardião. Não importa que o problema seja algo lindíssimo.
    Um problema é um problema, mesmo que se trate de uma mulher sensacional, um
    homem maravilhoso ou um grande amor que se acabou. Por mais lindo que seja
    ou tenha sido, se não existir mais sentido para ele em sua vida, deve ser

    Muitas pessoas carregam a vida inteira o peso de coisas que foram
    importantes no passado, mas que hoje somente ocupam espaço, se for um
    problema, precisa ser eliminado.

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