About Me

At 41, I am still figuring out life: my place in society, my career path, a family of my own, and many other things. Heck, with the exception of my new loving family, I am still trying to make friends in California, a place I moved to 3 years ago. I am currently in a Community College making up for the many lost years of school in Uganda (Africa). I intend to transfer to university hopefully next year and double major in History and English. I lead a very ordinary life; a normal day is spent doing school assignments, hiking with my husband, or reading. My favorite thing to do is to walk; Short walks or long walks it does not matter, I enjoy it, because walking allows me to think about things – anything! My love of walking comes from where I grew up; a small village called Kaabong, located in the northeastern part of Uganda. It’s still one of the most remote places I will ever know, and can’t start comparing life there to what life is like here in California. Walking was all I did while growing up; I walked for miles to school, to church, to the shops, to the borehole to fetch water, and to the market. My childhood was quite an adventure unlike any other, and I wouldn’t change it for any thing.

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