You and you and you

And from this EarthYou will sproutYou will growAnd you will love. Nothing is ever yours to claimBut to tendTo enjoyTo share. To you,The Sun, the Moon, the Stars.To you,The Rain. Winter, Summer, Spring,And FallAll yours! Flowers and birds,Mountains and seas,For you and you and you. Today is yoursTomorrow is not promised.May you find loveAndMay youContinue reading “You and you and you”

1,196 …

Destiny! the gods proclaim! Consequence, I argue.Paris’ lust, Agamemnon’s greed, Achilles’ rage!Woman! you say. Oh, I will listen.Hellen, Briseis, Chryseis, –Doom! And now many lay waste to war,but you gentle-friend, Patroclus son of Menoetius,you, I mourn for.Aching for your Argive friends pinned by the beaked ships,for them you gave your life. Shame on you Agamemnon!Continue reading “1,196 …”

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