In response to Eugi’s “home sweet home” prompt

All grown, all traveled; New experiences, new customs; Thousands of miles away, and still, The child beckons; The sun watches, the moon awaits; The trees whisper, the wind searches; Innocent laughter, distant calls, A mother’s gentle face. Msdedeng


Falling, drowning; The struggle, the feel of defeat. The load weighs down on me, But I keep afloat, summoning my strength. I call on to the spirit of one who’s left, Barely keeping up with the current, No time for tears, A whisper; Breathe, breathe, breathe. Msdedeng

Coffee is Many Things

I’m not talking about a cappuccino, a latte, or a macchiato Nor am I talking about an Americano, an Irish coffee, or an affogato. Forget a frappe, a mocha, or an expresso But perhaps think friendship, ideas, or music. Tell you what, let’s take it a notch up and think enlightenment, interaction, or revolution. It’sContinue reading “Coffee is Many Things”

The Puzzle

Success takes many forms: good grades at school, wonderful friends who make our world a more colorful place, a well-paying job, a good marriage, financial freedom, and the list goes on and on. However, to whom do we credit our success? Is it all down to us and the hard work, sacrifice, and discipline weContinue reading “The Puzzle”

A Flag

A symbol of the big three: Patriotism, Nationalism, and Militarism. Country over father, mother, brother or sister. Swear by it, Fight for it, Live for it, and Die for it. A flag! A symbol of extreme pride, but also A symbol of great divide. Msdedeng Friday fun –Flag!


It’s been a long week with so many challenges, but I realize just how resilient we humans are. Resilience is one of the many traits we possess besides adopting to our environment, and we should take full advantage of it. You don’t believe me? Look back at some of the challenges life has presented youContinue reading “Resilience”

Liebster Blogger Award

Thank you Hannah Gandhi for including thededengblog in your impressive list of nominees for the Liebster Blogger Award. I am sorry you had to wait quite a bit till I got the chance to answer your questions. I am humbled you considered my blog worthy of a nomination, especially compared to what you do onContinue reading “Liebster Blogger Award”

First Things First

When the current situation is finally under control and the world awakes again, I am buying myself a ticket back home to my mum, my siblings, and my friends. I am going to go to my favorite coffee house in Kampala called Endiro. Endiro means many things depending on one’s tribe: a seed (in theContinue reading “First Things First”


School is dragging but after Sunday I will be blissfully blogging away For a good three weeks.


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