Some Rituals

For me, there is nothing as cool as starting my day with a shower in the morning. Water ceases to be something I only use to quench my thirst, or wash my body and hair; it becomes a ritual of washing away the night and its dormancy. The same is true when I take aContinue reading “Some Rituals”

The other me

For me, going back home to Uganda is like shading off one version of myself and wearing the other one. When I am home, I cease to become Angela, or a wife for that matter; I am simply a daughter that everyone knows as Najore. (A birth name that I worked so hard to eraseContinue reading “The other me”

All things change

Change is inevitable; it is the very way of existence. As daybreak turns into nightfall, so does spring – summer – fall – and winter. The rainy season changes to a dry spell, just like war births peace. Everything that lives is bound to change: birth, growth, and decay – repeat. There are times ofContinue reading “All things change”


Colorfully dressed Shy, but confident in her approach She brings promise of a new day She brings optimism But, just as you reach to touch her She delicately disappears. Msdedeng


You all probably hold special places in your hearts for your fathers, dads, daddies, babas, or papas. Some dads still live while others have sadly passed away to a world unknown to us, but today we honor them all. My dad was a very special man indeed! My dad did not exactly know when heContinue reading “Papa”

Living in the Future?

Why is it that we humans have a tendency of living in the future, regretting the past, but totally skipping the present? Well, I decided this morning to live in this space, the now, and throw everything else out the window. I took my yoga mat, turned to YouTube, practiced yoga with Adrienne, and IContinue reading “Living in the Future?”

Silly Animals

By Langston Hughes The dog ran down the street The cat ran up the drain The mouse looked up and said, There they go again!

Africa Part II

We all know that there are two or maybe three sides to every story, depending on the subject anyway: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Naturally, we try to show the best side while concealing the unflattering side and wishing it to miraculously disappear hardly with any luck. Unfortunately for Africa, the rest ofContinue reading “Africa Part II”


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