1,196 …

Destiny! the gods proclaim! Consequence, I argue.Paris’ lust, Agamemnon’s greed, Achilles’ rage!Woman! you say. Oh, I will listen.Hellen, Briseis, Chryseis, –Doom! And now many lay waste to war,but you gentle-friend, Patroclus son of Menoetius,you, I mourn for.Aching for your Argive friends pinned by the beaked ships,for them you gave your life. Shame on you Agamemnon!Continue reading “1,196 …”

“Winter” in California

Winter in southern California is unlike any other: it’s often characterized by mild temperatures that range from mid fifties to low sixties (degrees Fahrenheit) during day time, and drops to the upper thirties and forties in the nights. Days are sunny and are sometimes accompanied with mild winds. We did get some good rain aContinue reading ““Winter” in California”

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